Introduction to Hospital Management System :

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The primary purpose of an HMS is to improve the quality of patient care, enhance operational efficiency, and streamline administrative tasks. Here are some common features and purposes of a Hospital Management System:

  • Patient Management: Maintain detailed records of patient demographics, medical history, treatments, and prescriptions. Manage appointments and scheduling for patients and doctors. Generate and store digital medical records to ensure easy access and retrieval.

  • Billing and Accounting: Automate billing processes for treatments, consultations, and other services. Integrate with insurance systems for easy claims processing. Generate financial reports and track revenue streams..

  • Doctor and Staff Management: Easily update menu items, pricing, descriptions, and availability based on time of day or special promotions. Maintain records of doctors, nurses, and other staff members. Manage work schedules, shifts, and assignments. Track performance, certifications, and training of staff.
  • EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records): Store patient medical histories, diagnoses, medications, and treatment plans electronically. Ensure confidentiality and security of patient data. Allow for quick retrieval and sharing of patient records among authorized healthcare providers.

Key Features:

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